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Lutherlyn Is:

Lutherlyn is a year around ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America which provides unique opportunities for Christian living experiences. Lutherlyn offers a natural setting for an intentional Christian community committed to experiencing and affirming our interrelationship with all of God’s creation.

Lutherlyn encourages spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical growth and renewal for the whole person through encounter with scripture, experiences of the environment, educational programs, the witness of staff, opportunities for creative worship, the nurture of personal relationships, re-creational activities, and fun.


Lutherlyn’s Mission Statement:

Lutherlyn extends the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ, by inviting all people to engage the Word of God, one another and themselves in an intentional, challenging, exciting, and fun outdoor Christian community centered in the grace of God and the goodness of earth and life.

Lutherlyn Serves:

Lutherlyn is available to all.  Programs are available for families, individuals, and groups.  Programs include summer camp, environmental education, pottery classes, adventure programs, Girl Scout Fun Patches, equestrian programs, individual and family retreats, facility rental opportunities, and more!

Supporting Lutherlyn:

Our 66-year legacy is to provide children with “Life-Changing Adventures in Faith.” The Lutherlyn Campership Fund is designed to meet every heartfelt request for assistance we receive. Our ability to maintain this legacy into the future depends on you!

Your gift to Lutherlyn will help us continue these promises. Your gift will provide an opportunity for every child to attend camp regardless of financial circumstances.

You are invited to be an active part of this promise. You can make a difference in the life of a child through your generous gift of $50, $100, $500…whatever you can send. Every gift matters. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support for this vital ministry.

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