Glade Run Lutheran Services

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Founded in 1854, Glade Run provides educational, mental health, autism and cultural services to children and families throughout western PA including residential treatment, educational offerings, camps, and community based services.
Our Mission

Linking Faith and Service


A Bridge to a Brighter Future Through Lifelong Learning

Core Values

We Value…

Learning as focused across all Glade Run’s programs as evidenced by:

  • discerning the strengths and cultures of families
  • emotional and behavioral management to facilitate academic achievement
  • innovative learning opportunities for staff, children, and families

Program excellence and positive impacts, as evidenced by:

  • partnerships with families to understand their needs and achieve success at home and in the community
  • data that indicates successful outcomes for individuals and families
  • improved academic performance
  • high satisfaction ratings
  • a welcoming culture

Working with individuals and families in the most appropriate setting available

Work environments that thrive on the seven commitments of Sanctuary

Our Christian foundation

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