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For more than 188 years Gettysburg Seminary has been deeply committed to equipping people to be the best possible leaders in today’s church for the sake of the Gospel. Our students experience a strong connection between the classroom and the real world; more than 20 Learning Partners to enrich their world view and education; a caring community that helps nurture growth as both a leader in the church and a child of God and faculty who are invested in students and their learning for the sake of the church; all in a vibrant, innovative setting steeped in history, surrounded by rural and urban neighbors.


The church has called upon its seminaries to help increase the number of persons prepared for leadership. We ask you to join us in responding to this call. Your gift to Gettysburg Seminary is used to form and prepare those who will take up God’s call to teach, preach, serve and lead in our churches and in society.


Your gift to helps:

  • close the gap between tuition and the full cost of educating a student;
  • strengthen teaching opportunities;
  • keep tuition low and reduce the indebtedness graduates carry after their education;
  • support the library, technology, housing, classrooms and sustain a first class faculty and staff for excellence in the educational experience.

You can ensure excellence in church leadership with gifts to the Gettysburg Seminary Fund, the Seminary Endowment, and other special projects and programs. You also have the special opportunity to support the expansion of theological education to youth through youth ministry initiatives such as Theological Education with Youth (TEY).

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